Glass keeps going black

Wood moisture content should be below 20%. Burning unsuitable coals or poor quality wood can cause glass to go black. Avoid placing the logs too close to the inside of the door glass. Ensure that there is sufficient draught on the chimney. Please make sure that the air wash control is open, or open further to retain a hot combustion level, maintain flames above the fuel. Make sure the fuel is dry.

Smoke is spilling into my room

Check that the CO alarm is working and in the same room as the appliance. On start up, smoking might occur due to the chimney not being warm enough to work properly. A small amount of smoke during re-fuelling is ok provided it not constant. If constant do not operate the unit. Contact a chimney expert to ensure the flue has been swept properly and is free from any obstructions, and the ventilation is suitable for the appliance. Ensure all internal parts are in the correct orientation. Smoke coming through the air controls indicates a down draft problem usually caused by either lack of ventilation / high winds / stormy conditions / wind direction / decompression of the room via cooker extractor hood.

I'm not getting enough heat out of my stove

Ensure that you are using enough fuel. Double check the moisture content in your fuel. Wood moisture content should be below 20% for optimum burning. Check the controls on your stove to ensure that they are being used properly. Check that there are no voids above the unit that prevent heat escaping and ensure any closure plates are sealed properly.

I'm getting too much heat out of my stove

Ensure the appliance is not being over fuelled and the controls are being used correctly. Has the heat output of the appliance been over-sized for the room?

Stove is difficult to light and smokes a lot

Ensure the stove is lit correctly, firelighters and dry kindling and controls are fully open. There may be an insufficient draught in the chimney. It’s important to get the heat into the chimney as quickly as possible.  Ensure that the vent in your room is not blocked.

Stove runs out of control

Ensure the controls are being used correctly. If the controls have no effect on the stove this can often indicate an air leak either on the stove door or in the glass seal. Check all seals and replace if necessary. Perform a paper test on the door seal. You should feel resistance on the paper as it’s being pulled out from between the seal. Over pull on the chimney can also cause the stove to run out of control.  Make sure you get your stove and chimney serviced regularly for optimum performance.

How do I clean my door glass?

Despite the advanced air wash system provided, the glass will still need cleaning from time to time depending on the fuel quality and burning rates used. Never clean glass when the stove is hot. Always use stove glass cleaner or ceramic hob cleaner, which is available from your stove retailer. As an alternative, use a wet cloth with some of the wood ash if burning wood but be very careful to use very clean ash so as not to scratch the glass.

Radiators aren't heating up fully

Ensure there is enough fuel being used to heat the stove and radiator system, and that the stats are set at the correct temperature. Are the controls being used correctly? Is the boiler sized correctly for the amount of radiators on the system? Check that the pump is working correctly as there may be lack of circulation to the system. Ensure all radiators are bled. This may be due to the fitting of the stove. You need to call your installer or plumber to discuss the issue to find a solution.

Stove is over-heating the room but radiators remain lukewarm

Ensure the pump is working and stats are set correctly and radiators are bled.

Heat output to hot water is inadequate

Ensure the pump is working and stats are set correctly and radiators are bled.

I need to purchase a consumable item

Call your stove retailer. Supply them with the product name and part number.

Firebricks - frequent replacement necessary

Firebricks are consumables. They will need to be replaced after a period of time due to normal wear and tear.

Note: Your Stove Instruction Manual contains additional information.