Cassette Stove Technical Details

Technical SpecificationUnitsSR G 4.9 CSR G 08CSR G 11C
FuelWoodSolid FuelWoodSolid FuelWoodSolid Fuel
Nominal Heat OutputkW4.
CO Emission (@13% O2)%
Flue Gas Temp (ave. at nominal output)°C*259*304*311*320*332*303
Flue Gas Mass Flowg/s4.
Flue Outlet Sizeinch666666
Fuel Consumptionkg.hr1.00.72.341.23.161.5
Product Weight (Packed)kg66.57584
Maximum Log Lengthmm300300425425550550
*Average reading at nominal output
Recommended fuelWoodSeasoned wood with moisture content less than 20%
Solid FuelManufactured Smokeless Coal suitable for closed appliances

Cassette Stove Dimensions

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5kW Cassette Stove

5kW Cassette Stove Dimensions

8kW Cassette Stove

8kW Cassette Stove Dimensions

11kW Cassette Stove

11kW Cassette Stove Dimensions

Cassette Stove Installation And Operating Instructions

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